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Dear friend,

Already aware of the wonderful benefits of loving yourself.....but cannot seem to get rid of the voice of your inner critic? 


Continue to attract outcomethat reinforce your feelings of being unloved, unlovable and unworthy?

Unable to stop being angry with yourself for being such a "failure", "loser" or "hopeless"


Your situation may be nothing new.  You have been in self-loathing for a long time.  Till today, you cannot help but react negatively to the reflection that you see in the mirror.  Your mind simply zeros in on your perceived imperfections, even though there could be a lot of things about yourself that make you uniquely beautiful. 

Clearly, the anger you have been directing inwards is a case of little or insufficient self-love.  More often than not, you are beating, criticizing and judging yourself harshly. You are very unhappy; your relationship with the self is poor. 

What is Your Self-Love Quotient?

May I invite you to go quiet for a while?

Tune into your heart……and allow the answers to surface. 

How would you rate the level of your self-love to be?  (Take zero as being no self-love at all and 100 percent as being and having complete and unconditional self-love.)

What is this quotient like – 20 percent, 50 percent or more?

Next, ask yourself....

hat is keeping you from being in a state of higher love - one that makes you glow with radiance, be in touch with your authentic power and one that allows you to fully manifest a life of love  and abundance?

The Story Behind Your Current Self-Love Quotient

It is not like you have not been doing anything to help yourself.

You have tried to think positive beliefs. 

You have taken self-care measures such as going for long baths, massages or spa sessions. 

You have bought things to make yourself feel good. 


However, despite making all these attempts, the positive effects do not last very long. 

ou simply cannot stop yourself from going into the same debilitating self-talk patterns that drain your spirit. 

Your self-talk goes on and on like this…..

“I suck. I hate myself. I am not good enough. I am a complete hopeless freak. Others will always be better than me. I cannot forgive myself.  I feel horrible.  I am not worthy. I am so ashamed of myself. I am such an idiot. I am a total mess.  I don't know what I am doing here."

The point is you could already have started on your path to recovery but you have been experiencing little real results.  The situation that you are in has not improved much.  It does not take much for you to get emotionally disrupted quickly, due to some small trigger

Hence, t
hings are far from being satisfactory and y
ou are feeling disappointed with your progress or rather, the lack of it.

You are about to declare that the whole notion of experiencing unconditional self-love as something that is humanly impossible.

Well......don't give up.....not just yet.....

ou could do with some help
to raise your self-love quotient.


A Double Whammy


So here is a confession.  Right after becoming a life coach a few years ago, I thought I had finally learned what the magic bullets are for personal transformation.  It seemed so easy to dish these wonderful tips out to others.

Yet, things were not the same on the personal front.  T
ime and time again, due to some situational triggers, I would fall back into the same old negative self-talk patterns of criticism, rejection and judg
ment. I was unhappy and impatient with myself. 


It was downright frustrating.  I ended up beating myself even more, because I thought I ought to know better. My heart would bleed from internal self-inflicted wounds again. 

What a double whammy!


Well, needless to say, I eventually had to retreat into recovery and healing. There was no way I could function properly without first helping myself. Luckily, I had enough awareness to realize what I was doing to myself.  With tremendous effort, I would pull myself up each day in order to function in the world.

I kept praying and asking for help and insights.  I applied energy healing techniques on myself.  I attended healing sessions, tried various methods and read books on positive psychology.  

Then, over a number of such episodes, I began to see that complete self-love healing is not going to take place overnight.  It will be ridiculous to expect an instant transformation especially if I had been directing anger and resentment inwards for years or even over lifetimes. 

I was expecting myself to be perfect. Even though I was experiencing vibrational shifts with the inner healing work that I had done, I was also hoping that my problems would completely disappear. Metaphorically, I was expecting to be a bullet train on a fast track to enlightenment! My unrealistic expectations were sabotaging the process of transformation for me. 


Admittedly, there are people who undergo the experience of a spiritual awakening overnight. Take Bryon Katie, Eckhart Tolle or Neale Donald Walsch, for instance. 

Clearly, this was not the case for me.  

My ride has been bumpy! 


I have cried buckets, gone on my knees, yelled four-letter words and walked the halls of despair a number of times.

Eventually, I came to see that for the vast majority of people, enlightenment is not going to instantly either. More likely, self-love healing is going to be an integrative journey, one that can possibly take an entire lifetime.  Old memories are likely to be triggered every now and then, and with deeper layers to address.   Each time a deeper layer is released, greater freedom can be experienced. 

What I can choose to be happy about is the long way that I have come since I first started realizing how resentful I was with myself.  Admittedly, I would not have gotten this far....without going through my experiences. 

I learned about picking myself up over and over again.

I learned about restoring myself back to health.

I learned about shifting myself back into alignment with divine love.

I learned about loving myself, despite being aware of all my imperfections at the same time.

I learned to laugh at my idiosyncrasies, caring less about fitting into a perfect mold.

Over time, my episodes of self-beating just got less and less.  The transition to recovery just got shorter and shorter.  I was feeling more and more well over longer periods of time.  


It was through contemplation that I gained many insights about my root issues. I wrote Self-Love Secrets in a beat, thereafter. I was very keen to share what I had learned. Amazingly, I received many positive feedback and testimonials.

Well, even after its publication, my explorations into my inner world did not stop.  I continued to take down notes from delving into the psyche, as well as observing and discussing with others. 

Finally, a few months ago, I set about writing guided scripts that will help with self-love healing.  For the writing of the scripts, I connected with my intuition and guides, and also drew on my experience as an Energy Healing Practitioner

Build Your Self-Love Quotient Progressively

"Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s face it.  Learning to love yourself unconditionally is not likely to be a one day affair.  It takes patience, time, and continuous conscious awareness.  If you have the expectations of a magical transformation, then you may possibly set yourself up for disappointment. 

For a start, you will need to find out in what ways you have been unkind to yourself.  It is through awareness that you awaken into self-love.  You have to unlearn old habits of being engaged in negative self-talk.  You have to love your own reflection in the mirror. You have to treat your body with care, without indulging in punishing diets or engaging in addictive behavior. 

The thing is that if you have not built up a sufficient level of self-love, you can possibly fall into the same traps of deep self-loathing over and over again.  Thus, you end up feeling extremely exhausted.  Like me, you may even judge yourself much harder for failing to practice self-love, even at a time when you are already aware of the root cause of your problems. 

Think of your spiritual heart center as a tuning fork. Your spiritual heart center is connected to source.  It is also where you tune into the vibration of divine love.

What is key to know is that the more you access your spiritual heart center from within, the greater your ability to vibrate unconditional love.  To be out of the woods and to experience a real shift, you have to feel good about yourself in a sublime state continually. You will need to set intentions, release old patterns and reprogram yourself with positive affirmations. 

With all these in mind, I created Self-Love Healing Program.

Self-Love Healing Program is designed to build the level of self-love progressively over a course of 10 days. By raising your vibes through awareness, you realize that no one else can take the place of loving you better than yourself.

Just as Zen meditation trains your mind to stay in the present moment, you build up your ability to stay centered in self-love. You are like a vessel with the capacity to hold reserves of love.  It is in the state of fullness that you love yourself and are able to give and share love with others freely and unconditionally. 

Inevitably, there will be times when you leak energy.  Thus, you will need to keep replenishing yourself. The more you work on building your reserves to 100 percent (with the raising of your self-love quotient), the fuller you become in love at any point in time.

And, you do it best when you are in a state of deep relaxation. 

 "In my opinion, I like the way you have recorded the meditation. You speak very clearly, which is helpful for non-native speakers and the background music helps relax.

First I practiced the self-acceptance meditation. I tried to practice it around the same time, just as I got home from work, as a way to decompress from the day. And before I went to bed, I practiced the self-care meditation, making sure I wasn´t tired, so I wouldn´t fall asleep.

The first and second day I experience total relaxation. I felt happy as I believed I was giving myself a gift and the next morning my mood was quite cheerful. However, it was until yesterday that I really comprehended everything you were saying. Today, I have been feeling conscious of the way I am very critical with myself and I have been able to stop and analyze the reason of my judgment and forgive myself and telling me that I loved me

My healing process has been going on for some time now. During my early twenties I went to therapy and in my late twenties I retook it, with a very rationalist yet spiritual therapist (if that is possible). He gave me books to read which have helped me familiarized and understand certain ideas and concepts. This year I have even started a Zen-meditation class.

I know the process of life and understanding its meaning takes a lot of studding, contemplating and knowing oneself. And I know that I am just getting started and still have a lot to learn; so yesterday, I felt your meditations were a simple and practical instrument to take in this journey that is called my life."

- Ana Cristina
Castaneda Nerio,
El Salvador

Self-Love Healing Program 

Energy Exchange: US$47.00


Raise Your Self-Love Vibrational Level

"Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Your best bet is to be able to grow the level of self-love by consistently accepting yourself, affirming your worth and claiming your divinity.  It takes time, focus and persistence.  In other words, connecting with your heart from deep within repeatedly is your surest path to fulfillment. 

The best way to make inroads into your subconscious is via a state of deep relaxation.  Spiritual traditions call this state "meditation".  However, this is where many people face challenges in.  It is hard to get rid of the negative inner chatter and settle the mind down enough for peaceful contemplation. 

And so, to help you resolve your struggles with calming the mind, my program is designed as a series of contemplative audios integrating you into unconditional self-love. 


The audios are recorded to guide you progressively through the healing process, with calming light background music. 

Self-Love Healing Program facilitates your healing journey in the following ways:











Self-Love Healing Program has 4 overall objectives:

 Activates allowing through giving the self permission to heal, repair and renew;

Affirms with positive reprogramming after release of old belief patterns; 

 Aligns you with the spiritual heart of loving consciousness. 

Amplifies your light. 

The Program consists of a Starter Kit and a series of 10 Self-Love Healing Audios for download to your computer:

Starter Kit

  Self-Love Healing Introduction Report

Raise Consciousness MP3 Audio

Healing Audio #1: Self-Acceptance

Enhances your awareness that the story in your mind is based on perceptions.
Enhances your higher perspective to life lessons on rejection.
Guides you to accept yourself anyway.

Healing Audio #2: Self-Forgiveness

Opens you to grace for yourself.
Releases you from the guilt of past mistakes.
Applies forgiveness as a balm to your wounds.

Healing Audio #3: Self-Esteem

Reprograms the belief of not being good enough.
Guides you to reclaim your place in the cosmic tapestry of the life.
Restores you to fullness of your being.

Healing Audio #4: Self-Compassion

Releases you from harsh self-criticism.
Activates gentle healing through loving compassion.
Connects you spiritually with soul consciousness.

Healing Audio #5: Self-Care

Nourishes your inner home.
Affirms self-care in mind-body-spirit ways.
Restores holistic balance.

Healing Audio #6: Self-Honesty

Aligns you with authenticity. 
Guides you to receive messages from your heart.
Guides you to receive messages from the divine above.

Healing Audio #7: Self-Empowerment

Shift from pity to power.
Integrates you into wholeness to reclaim full power.
Helps you take charge as the co-creator of your life at the unconscious level. 

Healing Audio #8: Self-Trust

Builds loving trust for yourself.
Builds trust to enhance intuition.
Aligns trust with your spiritual heart. 

Healing Audio #9: Self-Awareness

Enhances your awareness of the personality self.
Facilitates understanding of the meaning of separation.
Aligns you with the spiritual heart of your higher self.

Healing Audio #10: Love-Life

Activates your fourth chakra, the spiritual gateway of your heart. 
Enhances your soul awareness. 
Restores overall balance in mind-body-spirit. 


Each healing audio recording is only about 12-15 minutes. Listen in to raise your self-love vibration over 10 days, or even more if desired. Tune your vibrations up gradually and consistently! 



Self-Acceptance Audio: I definitely felt a state of peace once I started to listen to it and that gradually grew throughout the entire audio. Once I opened my eyes, I felt as if I had let go of any thoughts or beliefs that allow me to reject myself. Throughout the meditation process, I had such thoughts of why do I need to reject myself? I am worthy of the very best in life and I should allow myself to accept that. The affirmation, I accept myself fully and unconditionally - definitely helped me. At first, I had a hard time concentrating using the affirmation, but once I repeated it in my mind, I could feel tingles in my body and started to feel lighter in a way.

Self-Care Audio: I just finished listening to the Self Care audio :) I also felt a state of peace as I listened to this one. As I was closing my eyes, I felt as if I sparkled and realized that it's important to take care of myself. I felt the love for myself just as I would feel for my best friend. My needs are important and I should give myself whatever I need in a loving ego-free way. I also felt like I was surrounded with flowers all over the place with the sun shining on me - I love flowers!

- Robbyn Aimes, Canada




Self-Love Healing Program 

Energy Exchange: US$47.00





Enjoy Healing Benefits Via Meditative Process


Note that Self-Love Healing Program is not designed to teach you how to meditate or to go into states of profound bliss.  For these, you will need to seek out the assistance of a monk or attend a meditation retreat. 

My Program, however, draws on the principles of mindful contemplation while in relaxation
, for the purposes of self-love:

You are able to silently "observe" your inner chatter without any judgment.

You are able to become more self-aware. 

You are taking important me-time to nourish your soul. 

You feel less stressed and therefore more rejuvenated.

Your ability to connect with source essence i.e. divine love increases. 

You are able to understand your own feelings and emotions, thus allowing you to relate better with others.

Your ability to stay present to each moment increases. Thus, you are able to experience life more fully.

Because you are more relaxed, ideas and inspiration flow to you more easily.

Your spiritual awareness increases.

You are more conscious of your purpose in life.

Your productivity is enhanced when you set aside part of your day for mediation.  You are better able to stay more alert.  The relationship between increased productivity and meditation are also backed up by numerous well-known studies.

You are able to restore your state to one of holistic well-being.

In particular, Self-Love Healing Program reunites you with your spiritual heart.  You are guided to integrate back to wholeness.  You build up the love in your heart to its fullness.


"Evelyn’s Self-Love Healing Program is soothing, pleasant and peaceful, yet empowering. It gently guides the listener through relaxation and contemplation, easing them onto the path of healing and self-acceptance. I resolved to create a self-care regimen as I experienced these powerful guided meditation audios. What an effective way to reawaken, release and reprogram, and connect with one’s consciousness. A very valuable program that heals and encourages you to shine with love."

- Vidya Sury, India

Heal Yourself in Body-Mind-Spirit

“Believing in our hearts that who we are is enough is the key to a more satisfying and balanced life.”- Ellen Sue Stern


Unconditional self-love is the most life-changing experience that you can ever have.  It is the vital essence that will bring forth a life of peace, happiness and fulfillment. In fact, the more unconditional self-love you have, the greater the level of your happiness.

Self-Love Healing Program follows Self-Love Secrets, which I wrote after receiving more than 1,000 emails from across the world.  The emails were from people who were in the throes of self-hatred.  Many of these people had been experiencing effects like eating disorders, negative self-talk, low confidence, little success, lack of abundance and body image issues for a very long time. 

True happiness starts by building a great relationship with the self.  You heal yourself in body, mind and spirit.

The audios in Self-Love Healing Program cover all three important holistic aspects.  Whenever you fall back into the abyss or deep self-criticism, play the audios to heal back into recovery. 

While the Program cannot replace hands-on therapy or personalized coaching, it is a great addition to your self-help toolkit.  You can listen in to the audios from the comfort of your own home. 

Need to work on a specific area of self-love?  You can always replay a particular track. 

The more often you listen in, the greater your ability to build awareness and to program your mind.  Thus, the more easily you tune into the vibration of self-love.

"Evelyn Lim’s beautiful Self-Love Healing Program is like a pair of comforting arms embracing you in warmth and support when you need it most. In our stressful and often difficult lives, we need to disconnect from distractions and make the time to address the limiting beliefs and painful emotions keeping us stuck in old patterns of negative thoughts and actions.

We need to find a way to love ourselves and accept the perfection of who we are right now. Easier said than done, right? But Evelyn’s audio series gently guides you through the healing process so that you can release the inner roadblocks and awaken to more self-esteem, self-acceptance, and inner peace. Give yourself the gift of listening to these tapes for just a few minutes a day, and you will enjoy a renewal of spirit and a revitalization of your joy in life."


- Barrie Davenport, U.S.

Author of The 52 Week Life Passion Project

Founder of and Live Bold and Bloom


Money-back Refund Guarantee

What is more, there is the 100% money-back refund guarantee.

After listening to the audios, if you feel that the program has not benefited you in any way, simply ask for a refund. Clickbank is the company that handles all the transactions for this book. Should you need a refund, you simply contact them at their website and provide your transaction details. No questions will be asked.

Thus, with the 100% money-back guarantee, there is virtually little or no risk to you.


Self-Love Healing Program 

 Energy Exchange: US$47.00




Self-Love: The Best Gift for Yourself

“If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.”
- Louise L. Hay

The best gift that you can ever give to yourself is not another designer handbag, expensive watch or a cool sports car. It is not something that can be bought with money.  Rather it is something that will stay with you forever. 

You have already experienced the consequences from having low self-love: repeated cycles of misery, anger and rejection. Often enough, the emotional upheaval has rendered you incapable of functioning well.  Each time you lash at yourself for being a “freak”, “worthless”, “useless”, “unworthy” or “failure”, you would sink lower and lower into misery about yourself. 

Well, if you have read this page to this point, then you already know what you are missing. 

The best gift that you can ever give to yourself is self-love. 


When you start to radiate self-love, you start to attract love all round.  You attract loving relationships, the work that you would love to do, the home that you would love to stay in and the environment that you would love to be in. 

What is true is that the higher your self-love quotient, the greater level of abundance you attract. 

By giving yourself the best gift, you end up having more!

"Your audios are helpful and effective as an instant lift for a soul that loves to be nourished. To be a functional individual is to be able to have a balancing act. After listening to your meditation tracks, i felt the peaceful state right after each session. And I love the feeling of the lightness in my heart. It is helpful for me and it will be helpful to others for sure as well. Thank you again."

- Jhoan Gabriel, Philippines

"I live life through my heart space.  I specialize in heart energy, in personal practice and professional work.  After experiencing Evelyn's series, I am speechless-- my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude toward Evelyn for so generously sharing her energy and facilitation skills through these meditations. 

Evelyn's voice is clear, soothing, and refreshing.  Using a potent combination of explanation (engaging mind) and affirmation (engaging heart), Evelyn gently invites the listener to feel into each space, to explore, to celebrate.  I found myself smiling through most of the meditations as, with my hand on my heart, I felt and became Universal Love. Listening to one meditation is empowering; listening to the series is enlivening and enriching in an indescribable way, far beyond what one may expect.  

Because  energy work is significant to me, and my heart space is sacred,  I rarely trust another with my energy; yet, I now trust Evelyn as a guide and facilitator to lead me through any internal journey. "
- Joy Holland, U.S.
founder of Facets of

Self-Love Healing Program

Energy Exchange: US$47.00





Shine from self-love always,


Certified Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) Master Practitioner
Energy Healing Practitioner

P.S. You won't find another program quite like Self-Love Healing Program on the web. I wrote the scripts myself. The Program is unique in that it incorporates the many aspects of healing for self-love. Click Here to Order Self-Healing Program Now >>

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P.S.S.S. The Program is a wonderful addition to your healing journey. You can play the audios over and over again, for building your self-love quotient at any time.  Click Here to Order Self-Healing Program Now >>

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